Omega Vert Juicer Model VRT330 Review

omega vert juicer model VRT300 The Omega Vert Juicer Model VRT330 should be considered by anyone interested in a masticating juicer that delivers highly nutritious juice and extremely dry pulp. Masticating juicers are known as the best on the market because they work well with fine leafy greens as well as the hardest vegetables. Many other types of juicers can’t offer that range of functionality. So, how does the Omega VRT330 juicer come out when compared with other juicers? It actually does very well, which shouldn’t be a surprise if you have read any of the glowing consumer reviews. One reviewer on Amazon went as far as to call it “the new generation of juicers.” Let’s take a closer look at the features you should be shopping for to see how this juicer measures up.

What to Look for in a Masticating Juicer

Following are the most important features that you have to consider when shopping for a juicer:

  • Power
  • Pulp ejection method
  • Rotation speed
  • Size
  • Screen Cleaning
  • Warranty
  • Included accessories

A masticating juicer can crush the tiny veins in spinach and wheatgrass just as well as it cracks the firmest apples and carrots because of the type of processing the machine goes through. First the fruits and vegetables are crushed and then they are pressed firmly against a screen to squeeze out every last drop of available juice. This process applies a powerful force which expels more nutrients into the juice, while other types of juicers leave a lot in the pulp to be discarded. There are clearly benefits to purchasing a masticating juicer, but there are many competing models out there trying to give the Omega VRT330 a run for it’s money.

Let’s take a closer look at all of these features to determine why they are important. More importantly, let’s see how the VRT330 Omega juicer stands up to the competition in all areas.


omega vrt 330Power is very important in a juicer because without adequate force the machine will fail to get the maximum amount of vitamins, minerals, and phyto-nutrients from your fresh produce. When you throw away more of your nutritious produce than you actually drink, you are wasting money and working against the benefits of juicing. The VRT330 masticating Omega juicer has a commercial grade motor that is equivalent to 2 HP. This is a nice amountof power that will ensure your vegetables and fruits are pressed and squeezed until only very dry pulp remains.

Pulp Ejection Method

There is nothing more inconvenient than having to manually dig out the pulp from a machine cavity after you are finished juicing. Since clogging has traditionally been a problem with juicers, there are more automatic pulp expulsion machines hitting the market. The Omega VRT330 juicer is one of them! The pulp is automatically ejected so clean up is much faster and clogging is never an issue.

Rotation Speed

For most kitchen appliances speed is a good thing. You want as much speed as possible because it will get the job done faster, but this is not the case when you are shopping for a juicer. When juicers work very fast they build up heat inside the machine and in the produce being worked inside the machine. The more heat you build up, the more nutrients and enzymes you kill off! That means less nutritious goodness makes it into your juice. Not a good thing, right? Low speed masticating juicers like the Omega VRT330 are the answer to this problem. They work much slower than other types of juicers, such as centrifugal juicers, and therefore have much less heat build up in the process. This means you maintain a much higher level of nutrients in your juice.


When shopping for a juicer you have to consider how much space you have to give up on your counter, or in storage areas of your kitchen if you don’t plan on using your juicer daily. This Omega juicer is more compact than many others on the market.

Screen Cleaning

This is one of the areas where the VRT330 Omega juicer really stands out. Many masticating juicers force you to stop in the middle of the juicing process to clean off the screen against which the produce is being mashed. The screen fills with bits of fleshy pulp and needs cleaning to maintain the high quality of your juice. The Omega VRT330 juicer comes with automatic cleansing blades that wipe this screen clean without you stopping the juicing process. This solves the problem nicely and makes juicing at home even easier.


The warranty that comes with your juicer is very important. Sometimes defects and inefficiencies in the machine take awhile to make themselves apparent, so you need a warranty that protects you for an extended period of time. This Omega juicer comes with a full 10 year warranty, which is more than you will find with many other juicers on the market today.

What’s Included?

One final thing to consider when shopping for your juicer is what you will actually get when you open your box. There is nothing more frustrating then realizing you need to make separate purchases to make your juicer fully functional. The VRT330 from Omega comes with everything you need to get started right out of the box, including: omega vrt 330 juicer parts

  • Fine and coarse dual-stage screens
  • Bowl with extraction plug attached
  • Auger
  • 50 ounce juicing cups (2)
  • Tamper
  • Brush

How Much Can You Expect to Pay?

So, what can you expect to pay for a high quality juicer like this one? The Omega VRT330 juicer will run around $400, but you can often find sale prices that take that down a bit. This may be more than some people are interested in paying for a juicer

What Others are Saying:

When you read consumer reviews of the VRT330 juicer you see that there are many happy consumers who have been using the juicer for many years with complete satisfaction. This is a high powered, effective juicer that makes juicing easy and clean up just as easy.

This juicer has received great reviews. For example, on Amazon’s website the average review is 4.5 out of 5 stars! Here are some of the comments that we found so far:

  • “Amazing machine! Never looking back.”
  • “The juicing operation is fast and effort less”
  • “Great juicer, easy to clean”
  • “The juice tastes better and there is far more juice from this juicer than any other.”
  • “The Best Juicer Ever!”

Any complaints?

The price is the one complaint most commonly mentioned in consumer reviews, but from time to time you will find someone complaining about the speed of the machine as well. You have to understand before making your purchase that masticating juicers are a bit slower than other types. That’s actually a benefit since it prevents the heat build up that we discussed above.

Where Can You Buy the Omega Vert Juicer?

While you can buy this juicer from a variety of places online, we have found that Amazon consistently has the lowest price and currently offers free shipping as well.

Where can you read more reviews?

We found over 40 different reviews on Amazon with an average review of 4.5 stars! Click here to read those reviews for yourself. omega vrt 330 juice machine

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