How to Make Tomato Juice in Your Juicer

How to Make Tomato Juice with your JuicerLearning how to make tomato juice with your juicer can be as complicated or simple as you want to make it. You might want to learn how to make a single glass of homemade tomato juice when you have the craving, or you may be interested in learning to can homemade tomato juice while tomatoes are in season and offered at affordable prices. Whatever your intentions are, this guide will tell you how to make delicious tomato juice in your own kitchen with the juicer you already have on hand.

Step One

The first step is always to get your tomatoes together and decide whether you are juicing up a small batch of tomato juice or creating a large batch to be canned for later use. This will determine exactly how you take each step in the process. The more juice you want to make, the more fresh tomatoes you need on hand. Remember that fresh homemade tomato juice won’t keep in the fridge for long, so don’t make more than you can drink right away if you are not canning.

If you want to can your homemade juice, gather all of your canning supplies as well as the tomatoes. You want to have everything needed on hand so you can get the job done as quickly as possible.

Step Two

Once you know what you are doing, it is time to get the process going. Start by removing the skins from your tomatoes. The easiest way to do this is to immerse them in boiling water for a minute and then immediately immerse them in ice cold water. The skins come off very easy after that processing. This is often the procedure for canning tomatoes, but you can do it even if you are just making a small batch of juice to be enjoyed fresh.

Some recommend you remove the seeds from the inside of the tomato as well, but this is not very easy to do and isn’t really necessary. Tomato seeds are very small and the way they are spread inside the tomato makes them tedious to remove.

vegetable juicingStep Three

Set up your juicer and start processing your tomatoes. You can make this simple and just juice up the tomatoes, or you can play with flavor by adding other vegetables to the mix. Many people like juicing celery along with the tomato, but you can add any vegetable that you think will add to the flavor.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with unique flavors, but do it in a small batch and taste test before doing a large batch. Or, just keep it simple and stick with tomato.

How long it takes to juice the tomatoes depends on the speed and efficiency of your juicer and how many tomatoes you are juicing. You may need to cut your tomatoes up into pieces, but that depends on the size of the feeding chute on your juicer and how easily it gets clogged with larger pieces.

Step Four

Once all of your tomatoes have been processed through the juicer, you may choose to chill the juice for fast consumption or you may start the process of canning your juice. You may even choose to put some fresh in the fridge for immediate use while canning up the majority of your homemade juice. Just keep in mind the short lifespan of fresh juice in the fridge.


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